Targeter (UK) Ltd and its sister company Targeter International sal (Offshore) have been the owners of the Exeter, Target, and Carnival brands since 1997. Well-known and long established as leading corned beef brands in Europe and the Middle East, the range has been extended to include a wide range of canned meat and fish products. We have also expanded our markets to include North America, the Caribbean, Africa and South-East Asia.  

In addition Targeter supplies product under customers’ Private Labels, and is able to design and prepare the labels for companies wishing to introduce canned meat under their own brand.

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Telephone: 961-1-746 824/5
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Targeter International sal (Offshore)
Ras Beirut Clinics Building 6th Floor
Maamari Sourati Street
P.O.Box: 113-5084 Hamra, Beirut, Lebanon

Targeter (UK) as follows: TARGETER (UK) LTD. 3RD Floor, 24 Chiswell Street, London EC1 4Y X, England.


: (961)1 746 824-5
: (961)1 746 823

P.O.Box 113-5084
Beirut, Lebanon.
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